Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Happy New Year 2014

I make these on New Years Eve in my kitchen. It's fun. It's a good way to begin the year and making a Mary Box is a prayer in itself. YOU are in one of them if you ever asked for prayer. Hope you do this at your home too.
Much love to all my followers.
Hope to see change in 2014. EK
 Today I am showing you my "Mary Boxes" because so many people have asked about them.

When someone asked me to pray for them I'd say I would but then I'd either forget and/or didn't know what or how to do it.

I discovered the solution at a Care-giver's Retreat. I am very visual and this is what I did:  I took a little scrap of paper, wrote their prayer intention, folded it  carefully like a ritual, stood in front of my Mary Box and asked for the intervention of the Blessed Mother to her Son, Jesus for whatever this person desired. (healing, a job, pain relief, diagnosis, return of lost pet, safe journey,  etc, etc.) followed by a Hail Mary and then I placed it into the slot in the box!
 You can use a shoe box, a Kleenex box or whatever you have around the house. Glue pictures of the Blessed Mother on it. I find appropriate words from magazines and add those to my box and put the year on it. Then put a slot in the top like a bank and drop in a pray.

When the box is full I seal it. I never look at any request that I have written again. I have on occasion taken my Mary Boxes with me to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and placed them near the Altar asking for blessings for all those who are in the boxes.

 So now when someone asks me to pray for them I say, "I will put  you in my Mary Box!"


seashorefairy said...

Thank you thank you Emalou! I love this idea. I know what you mean when I say my prayers I try to remember all the people that have asked for prayer and it is difficult. This idea is wonderful and it does bring back memories of the little altars we made for Mary when I was young. When my grandson gets home with the glue stick I am starting mine, thank you and God Bless You!

Emalou said...

You're welcome...They also make nice gifts. I thank you for making your own. I gave one to my grandson when he graduated from High School and to a friend who is dealing with her cancer. I think everyone who loves her should have one.