Thursday, July 7, 2011

1956: The Power Mower by Emalou King

It’s a white house    with green shutters    on a corner lot
A pine tree in the front   a plum tree in the back    a hedge on the side
The white picket fence painted every three years   the lawn mowed every week. 

The long orange cord trails behind my father   hangs across the kitchen windowsill
Plugs into the outlet   I am afraid   what if he runs over the cord
Will it hurt him    so   I watch out my bedroom window    just in case 

Perfectly straight    row after row   around the trees and under the hammock
Dad stops    empties the bag   lights his Camel     spits tobacco off his tongue
He lifts his foot  wipes the damp blades of grass from his shoe on the back of his pants

Mother brings a glass of pink lemonade   stands in adoration    while he tips his head 
He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand    says aaaaaahhhh   and    thanks her
Then he plows down 19 peony bushes  shooting stems and blossoms  onto the sidewalk.

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