Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yesterday: At the Stop Light on 41st

The tall thin beggar man sat slumped to the side with his long covered arm touching the ground. His Help Me Please sign turned upside down in his lap, his cane on the ground.

“Hey man,” I yelled out my window, “are you all right?” 
He didn't respond. I laid on my horn and guess what...
In a split second he came alive and two-stepped across an empty lane to reach my car.

“I thought you were dead!" My voice raised an octave.
“Nooo, I was only deep in thought,” he said with a tobacco stained smile. 
Then we both  broke into laughter.

I reached into my pocket and dumped a hefty handful of change into outstretched palms. 
He touched my hand, patted it while his blue eyes danced and said, 
“Thank you. God bless you,” and limped back to his overturned paint bucket throne.

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