Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stay Tuned: An Annual Reminder

                                        When Summer’s Gone
                                                   Emalou King

He wears insulated gloves in the morning
Scrapes the frosted windshield of his car
Slides shivering across the cracked Leather seat
Then he pulls a woolen beanie down over his ears
Shaggy remnants of hair hang to his shoulders
Gray wisps like spiders frame his strong face

The chunk of metal sputters   stalls once
Groans rise from the engine as dash lights flicker  
He mutters   Oh please God...not again, not today

He inches her down the icy driveway  
Fitting perfectly into yesterday’s grooves
Pumps the brakes   taps the gas pedal 

At the drive through coffee shack
The steaming cup of jo slips, spills and soaks his pants
And... he longs for the damn hot days of summer


Deborah H. Bateman said...

Isn't it funny that no matter what season we are wishing it was something different. We never seem to be satisfied. If we could all just learn to enjoy today for what it is. For what God made it to be. Thanks for sharing your post. It was cute and oh so true!

Anonymous said...

Great poem! I, for one, love the summer and the warmth! Enjoy it while it lasts!!