Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Donuts: make your brown eyes blue!

This pizza looks and tastes like a home made one. I put it on my pizza pizzazz oven and it's super handy and fun to serve company but it came from a box in the freezer.

This reminds me of when I was working and going to school and had to bring something to a potluck over at the school my children attended. I went to a bakery up the street that sold plain donuts that were uneven,  had warts and different sized holes. They looked like "seconds" or something I might have done. I bought a couple dozen and took them home, sprinkled sugar on them and put them into a personal Tupperware container with my name on a piece of tape on the bottom.

Was that cheating?? Have you ever done that?  C'mon and weigh in on this one...

Oh, and the title??  "Don't it make your brown eyes blue"...The music lyrics when you listen carefully!


dyannne said...

Yes, I've done that. In fact, for the past, oh probably nine years, I've regularly served my grandson those corn dogs from Trader Joe's that are made of tofu and he still believes they're really hot dogs inside. He's a big time meat eater and likes few vegies. I don't know what he's going to say when one day he reads the box they come in. I can only hope he realizes the corn dogs are healthy and tasty and didn't hurt him one bit. "Cheats" like this and your donuts I don't consider bad. Cheats that hurt like secrets that hurt, even though people don't know or realize they're being cheated, are really bad and should never be perpetrated much less condoned.

Emalou King said...

A big thank you for commenting!