Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Survive Lost Luggage:

     I know someone who "lost" their suitcase or at least didn't have it
arrive on the plane at the same time they did.  She simply made a report and  viewed her experience both as an opportunity and an adventure.

 You know our days are kind of like having identical suitcases where we all share the same size but some of us can pack more into them than others which certainly includes an attitude.

     When I had the "lost" suitcase experience earlier this year, it was  annoying and inconvenient because I thought I needed my things. I slept on the top of the covers fully dressed until 2am when it was delivered to my room.  And yes, I was grateful and appreciative after it arrived.
    Being grateful and appreciative before a solution is taking yourself out of the problem. Like the song says, Give Peace a Chance!

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