Saturday, October 8, 2011

Whooooooo : Are You Going To Be This Year???

This one's probably related to Casper the Ghost!

Lets try to keep to one month at a time. It's October...the pumpkins are in the patch on several street corners, the costume shops are stirring with activity. Here is Santa Cruz, California  it's the biggest holiday of the year.I don't like seeing the Christmas decorations out already! Time goes by fast enough and one day at a time is a challenge!

One of the best parties I ever attended was a clean and sober party in the Midwest where I wore a man's suit and a Ronald Reagan mask. I never said a word the entire evening, danced with my friend who was Lady Di and had the best time ever. No one ever figured out who we were and it was fun hearing about these two characters later.

 Behavior changes behind a mask...or when we are unknown. Isn't it said that true character is how one acts when no one is watching. I think most of us like being someone else for a day and I dare say the victim of child abuse.No matter what, respect for one another, for each other is vitally important and you might just learn something about yourself.  Did you?

And your most memorable costume on Halloween  ...

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