Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mothers of Survivors:

I swore I'd write for class this week but instead I bought a treadmill!  I had too much to say and really didn't know how to write about the sexual abuse from Penn State.  It was like picking the scab off an old wound.  Anyone with  trauma was traumatized all over again. Many of us cried about this.

Then I thought about tattle-tales. Children are told not to do it but adults?? We need to tattle. We need to speak out and fight for our kids. It was the mothers who came forward...who tattled. Thank you.

These crimes remind me of when I spilled India Ink on my chenille bedspread in the eighth grade. I had to look at it each day and it was in such a place that I couldn't flip it around or throw a pillow over it. It was in my face. This huge sexual stain is in our face and there will be consequences and much discovery.

 My prayers for healing and support go to the survivors and mother's of  survivors and their family.

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Denise Williams, Certified Lifestyle Counselor said...

Good for you on buying the treadmill Emalou!Isn't it amazing how many blind eyes were turned at Penn State...and a dismay that the students didn't get it and targeted the media. It makes it hard on the kids that came forward.