Friday, December 16, 2011

Books in Your Home:

I get excited when I see something creative like the scrabble letters
used here to identify the book category.
I like to see items used for other things than their intended purposes.
The letters needed for my book - M-E-M-O-I-R.

When I made "home" visits as a Public Health Nurse one important observation was
the number of  books spotted in the home.  Sometimes there were none and in other
households there were stacks of them. That tells a lot about the people who live there.
What topics are they reading and do they read to their children? Pornography is a red flag.

I wrote my e-book memoir so the reader would be better informed...not to entertain.
It is applicable for a large population since one out of three girls are molested and one out of six boys.
It is available now in softcover  to reach people who do not use e-readers.
If you know a mother of a survivor this story might help heal them...please purchase.
The proceeds from the sales will help programs for survivors.
Thank you.

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