Friday, December 23, 2011

The Good News:

The other day I saw a woman at the corner holding a paper plate with the message "need cash for gas."
I stopped and asked where her car was located, told her to get it and go to the gas station next door and I would fill her up. She lost her job and was sleeping in her car as evidenced by the pillow and blanket in the back seat and the peanut butter and crackers. She thanked me, was grateful, and surprised that someone would do that for her.
 Then the next day I saw a younger girl at a different corner with a rectangular sign that said...
"Need cash for gas."  I guess good news travels fast!!

The Good News
Never has one life touched so many...
God sent his only Son into the world
and we are awaiting his birth soon.
May you have Peace and Joy.
Merry Christmas!

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