Friday, December 9, 2011

Mother to Mother:

Enough, already...aren't we tired of talking about sexual abuse?
Guess what? We have yet to begin to hear all the stories.
Each day more is revealed. Each day a girl/woman or boy/man
steps up and discloses what happened  and attempts to make the
perpetrator accountable to all of us!  We are hearing about the 'famous' or well-known
survivors on the nightly news and on television talk shows.
But this crime crosses all barriers of color, race, religion and financial status.
Blessings+ to all those who come forward and "tattle!"

My book percolated in a corner of my brain, whispered to me,
took up valuable space, and begged to be written. (for 25 years).  Now it's here and soon,
very soon, for those who do not use the electronic methods, you will be able
to read it in paperback.  You can turn pages, carry it around.
high-lite, underline, take notes and dog ear the corners.

 Paint the town with exposures and announcements. Plaster the messages on walls
  Stop this crime.  Support the survivors and If you know a MOTHER
of a survivor this book is for her.

Mother to mother...

Each one reach one.

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