Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Spiritual and Mental Stress Test:

Here's a little SPIRITUAL  STRESS test...
_ Emptiness
_ Loss of meaning
_ Doubt
_ Unforgiving
_ Martyrdom
_ Looking for magic
_ Loss of direction
_ Needing to prove self
_ Cynicism
_ Apathy

Here is a MENTAL STRESS test...
_ Forgetful

_ Dull senses
_ Poor concentration
_ Low productivity
_ Negative attitude
_ Confusion
_ Lethargy
_ Whirling mind
_ No new ideas
_ Boredom
_ Spacing out
_ Negative self talk

 This is for your own information. If you have any concerns get checked out. Tomorrow will be a social and emotional test. This affects your health and can add up...so,  how are you doing?

*wellbeing Magazine vol.3No.1

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