Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dreams: And What Might They Mean

Asleep and Dreaming
On November 01, 2001, I dreamed I was in an office,very pregnant and unsure of the due date.
My belly was glass and I could see my baby in utero. I was anxious and leaned against the wall.
 I slid to the floor where I was comfortable.
I looked down. She opened and closed her eyes. I knew then she was okay.

Awake - Dream Over

As soon as I arrived at work, I received a very important phone call to return home.
 A delivery man was at my house.
My first book (which writers usually call their baby) arrived.
 "Sleeping Upside-Down" was her name. For me, it was like having a preemie,
(Because. I had not developed a platform) so, I wasn't at all prepared, especially emotionally.
That was a long time ago...but I haven't forgotten about it.

Reality Check
No one was around that day. Family and friends unavailable.
 I slowly cut the cardboard box, hoping anyone would drop by.
 My hands trembled with excitement while I opened the box and took my "baby" out.

 I held her next to my chest.
How I enjoyed the feel of the paper, the shiny cover, the colors on the cover, and the font size, but
I believed that joy had more value when it was shared.
 So, I called my mother on the phone, told her my dream and the good news.
She always made me feel better. I was blessed to have her so long.

Today  it's easier to share across the miles on FB and phones.
Do you share your happy moments and have a special way to make your child feel better?

BTW, Just Think...
                                    If you had a glass uterus or a would be watching a miracle.
                                   Say Prayers for all unborn children.

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