Friday, January 27, 2012

Pigeon to Home: Recovery

There is a flock of pigeons living  in cages behind my house over the fence.
They swoop through my back yard and when it's quiet you can hear their wings flutter.
They fly everyday casting shadows in the afternoon sun on the street in front.

 I am in my sun room today and there is this very loud crash.  I jump!
I think perhaps something fell out of the sky or off an airplane! You know,
something crazy like I investigate outside.
 There is nothing below my window on the ground  but eight feet away
 sits a stunned pigeon that looks perfect in my back yard like a cement ornament.
I know he too wonders what the heck happened.

I go over to it (how can you tell if it's a boy or a girl) and access the situation.
The head turns, the beak is still intact and he has 2 legs and no dripping blood, so
I come inside and watch out the window. The pigeon keeps puffing up his feathers and getting bigger.
I hope this is a coping mechanism and he isn't going to blow up.

My neighbor says "just give him some time to recover and he'll
probably leave." And so I do.  When I come home... he's gone.
After all he's a homing pigeon, right?

We're all a little bit like that. When we get in trouble and fall down
we pick ourselves up, brush our knees off and keep right on going.
I bet most of us just go home!
Where do you go?  

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