Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Now that I have  your  attention, the next de-clutter and organizational
suggestion is -  pick up your telephone and start making calls.

The type of calls to make are for appointments to have things done around your
home for the coming six months.  Look around...
Has your furnace or water heater been checked recently?
Do you need any inside painting done?
How about repairs to faucets or new electrical outlets?
Thinking about a new television service?
Computer service?  Need windows washed? Carpets cleaned?
Clocks running okay? Is you car winterized? Want to join a group?

NOW, in January,  is the best time to schedule
things to get done. If you plan on calling when it is convenient,
you'll be way too busy and we are back headed toward winter.
 You know how fast the time flies.
Let your fingers do the walking!

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