Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Communication: 3 Secrets Disclosed

I find important pieces of paper in my office; one-liners, notes and lectures.
Here's a good one I could have used.
This particular scrap of paper is the 3 secrets for communicating with men.
But... I don't keep secrets and this information is anonymous.

1. Men communicate best  when they have a focus and a goal for the conversation.
Women are vague, unfocused, process oriented.

 Men will then act disinterested and don't take us seriously.
 women, give the guy an agenda and ask him questions!

2. Men internalize their thinking  process and give the end result.
Women think out loud and complain without sharing the hopefulness.
Then men think women talk too much and men become impatient and try to rush them,
women, discuss how you communicate, give him time for his answer and
warn him if you are going to complain.

3.  It's unfamiliar territory for men to easily access their emotions.
Women blame men for being insensitive. We think if they can articulate their intellect
surely they can articulate their emotions. Then men feel criticized and misunderstood and verbally attack.
go slower when expressing your feelings and make him feel safe. And be affectionate.
Shouldn't these communication skill differences be taught in school? 
 It might stop several hurt feelings and fights among people.
What do you think about that?

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