Saturday, February 11, 2012

Humor: It Helps.

Character from "Mad" magazine (collage)

My story today is about
A Lexus that came from my left into the bakery parking lot. He passed two parking places, gunned his car to get ahead of me (which was totally impossible) to land an even better spot directly in front of my car...which I took.
I smiled to myself at first seeing humor in his behavior, but  
He stopped his car behind me and as I looked over my shoulder, he gave me the finger salute.
I was unjustly "flipped off" in a parking lot by someone my own age! 
I looked away and he peeled out.
 I absolutely hate conflict and being treated disrespectfully.

So, even though it bothered me, I went into the building, smiled at people and was polite
as though nothing had happened and checked out what I wanted to eat.

I had the chance to eyeball him while he waited like everyone else in the bakery.
 He was a handsome ivy league type, well dressed in khakis and
leather loafers. Then he paced impatiently in front of the decorated cookies.  
He opened his wallet and took out several bills, moving the 100 to the outside.
He was ninth in line before he got his loaf of bread
and out the door when they called my #10.

I decided I felt sorry for him.

I wanted to say something my mother would have said, "shame on you!"

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