Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Month of Letters: In Honor of My Friend

My 95 year old next door neighbor died in Jan. 2012. Her name was Ilse.
She was very special...a kindergarten teacher before retirement with 5 devoted children.
 She  traveled abroad, alone or with  her adult children to many places in this world.
When Ilse returned from a trip, she sent invitations to 4 neighbors, prepared and served the foods from that country and shared her experiences with a slide show presentation in her living room.
There should have been CEU's for her productions!

Over the last two years she became weaker from a
heart condition but continued to do puzzles and read the New York Times.
 Ilse wrote letters to the editors of  newspapers as well as politicians from her bed.

After her death, I was asked to select something that had belonged to her for a memorial piece.
I was thrilled at their thoughtfulness. I picked a tiny glass swan from her collection that was
cataloged, dated and described...#96. What a woman. The swan was made by her daughter.

 She continued to teach her whole life with such a beautiful mind.
Ilse wrote interesting lengthy letters for all occasions, especially thank you notes.
And even put it though the post when she was only steps from my mail box.

This month of February, I am committed to "A Month of Letters." Each day I've sent one out.
It has been in honor of my friend.
I will miss you, Ilse!
God Bless you.

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