Thursday, February 9, 2012

Starbucks: Love

Whether you like the coffee or not isn't the issue here...
It's a great message this month delivered with every hot drink.
Celebrate every love.

Sometimes I hear people say it's selfish to love yourself.
You are made in God's image. You see, you have to love yourself much that you have left-overs and that's what's passed around!

And how do you love yourself?
First, don't criticize yourself, accept yourself as you are.
When you approve of yourself, your change is positive.
Be patient and kind and treat yourself like you treat someone you really love.
Take care of your many times do you hear this right and exercise.
Then, the mirror work; look into your eyes. Tell YOU, that you love you every day.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
You are pretty great ... believe it!

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