Sunday, March 18, 2012

Declutter and Renewal: A Memory...

Lost your marbles?? 
Nope, not I, said the little red hen!
(this doesn't exactly fit...but it's fun to say.)

 I went into a drawer and in a jewelry box found...steelies, peeries, cat-eyes...
I loved playing marbles when I was a kid. I think we had a permanent hole dug straight off the back step.
We had leather pouches we carried them in and played the game over and over.
I liked to yell, "everlastings," at the top of my lungs. I thought it helped win when you played last.

What a healthy way to spend the afternoon outside, laughing, talking, competing and teamwork.
Playing with other kids is an important role in socialization skill building.
You make friends.
Limit television, telephone, iPod use, etc. and encourage this healthy behavior.

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