Friday, March 30, 2012

Social Media:

 Tonight was my last time to be in my writing class after 7+ years. I call it graduation.
Good-byes can be difficult but relationships don't ever end, they only change.
I have completed the task I set for myself to complete 3 books.
Now I am ready to tackle other promotional experiences to help end child sexual abuse.

A huge thank you to my (extended family) writing group for listening
and for telling your own stories. Our teacher Ellen Bass is the best!
And thank you for the fun Chinese dinner tonight.

I expect to pick up a copy of everyone's book and read the magazines that carry your
winning poetry and essay contests at the local bookstores. Everyone in the class is a gifted writer.

It's time for me to turn and learn social media and get started on my mission...
 to help mother's heal and unite to end the fight against child sexual abuse. I know I already
said that, but won't you please help me??? It only takes a minute.
           Put the number for the Survivor's Healing Center in your church bulletin -# 831-423-7601
          Make sure this number is available in all break rooms. RAINN ~ national safe helpline # 1-877-995-5247 

                                          Thank You    Thank You    Thank You

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