Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Joseph:

I attended a funeral today at St. Joseph's Church.
It so happens to be the feast day of St. Joseph.
A father died...a good father, a grand father, a husband.
It was truly a memorable celebration of his life.
(God Bless the Monte Family)

Three people I know have died this month.
It is wonderful that I know that these relationships don't end, they change.
 What's important to know, is that we don't know when we will move on...die.

This is a good time to mark a calendar, and add it to your to-do list
to pray to the Risen Christ! At least say "hi" once a day.
Don't wait until you are retired or on the senior side of things to recognize that
what we have is a gift and who it came from is our greatest gift.

St. Joseph, Pray for us. 

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