Monday, April 16, 2012

Thufferin Thuccotash:

There were many yard sales on Saturday in Capitola, California which benefited several charities. I participated as a buyer and went sale to sale with a friend. We picked up several things, met new people, laughed about things we used to have or our parents did. She brought along v8 juice for a pick me up so we could keep on going.

One of my favorites was a Sylvester the Cat drinking glass collected by many back in 1973. It was for sale for $3.00 but I talked him down to $2.00-(which is really the fun part) great price since they go for $15 on E-bay.I have no desire to get rid of it. I just want to drink out of it again.

If you are alone and want to visit with someone or have something to do...go to sales. You really don't have to buy anything (there are also many full "free" things in boxes).  This is great recommended therapy! Just saying...take care of yourself. Don't isolate. Make people connections. Deep breathe the fresh air. Get a good cup of coffee and you are on an adventure.

Sometimes someone else needed to talk and by listening I was helpful. So the moral of the story is:
In order to help yourself- help someone else!

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