Saturday, May 26, 2012

Self-appraisal for Caregivers:

On this Memorial Day weekend I think we tend to think about
all those who have gone before us. Our cemeteries are filled
with flowers and the flags blow in the wind as we prepare
for summer. I finished a course and am sharing a
very small section...the answers are very personal for each one.

End-of-Life Care
How aware are you of your own death?
Have you thought about your limited lifespan?
Have you experienced a fear of death? 

Interestingly, a normal adult thinks about death an average of one to three times each day.
 However, days may pass without a thought of death. Then, depending on what happens in our life, one may incessantly ponder mortality on other days.
Being aware of one's vulnerabilities helps to give some degree of control over our response to it.

* National Center of Continuing Education, Inc. for Nurses. End-of-Life Care, page 19.

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