Thursday, May 3, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame:


Take me out to the ball game...

The Minnesota Twins vs the Boston Red Sox.
I can remember being a Red Sox  fan once, but not tonight.
There was a huge crowd and it was a hot evening at the Target Stadium.

The cheering, lights blinking, big screen with the scores, the speed of the ball,
the green carpet, bases, uniforms, peanuts, popcorn and cracker jacks,
cotton candy, dogs and brats. Guys yelling, "get your soda or  beer here!"
Everyone has something in common. We cheered together and clapped many times.
It's a peaceful bond of opposing families who challenge each  other.

That night, I created a new memory  to treasure with my son.
It wasn't a mother taking her son to a was
a wonderful son taking his mother to the game!

I hope I remembered to thank you more than once.

I don't mean to ruin my scene...but just a thought to ponder, if one in 6 men/boys 
are molested before the age of 18 then tighten your gut because if you look around in this
huge crowd of men, it's absolutely frightful and MUST come to a stop.
Please help stop this crime. Break the silence and talk to your sons and daughters.
Protect them and pray for them.

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