Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy is :

Here's Happy!

True story:
While I was out walking, a neighbor asked me if I kept walking by her because I didn't want to talk to her.
I said, "no. I am wearing something that measures my steps and I'm working really hard at walking more."
I stop in front of her and move back and forth and back and forth like a boxer and mention sitting too long
yesterday so bumping it up. She said, Where were you at an AA mtg?
I didn't bite on her sarcasm because she loves to push my buttons.
I said I was at someone's home and Our Lady of Fatima statue came there and we
sang and said the rosary, etc.  She says, "Oh, I remember her." "
I prayed for you," I said.
 She looks very surprised and thanks me for mentioning her to the Lady!
And, I walk away very happy!
We all have our own interpretation of the word.

Those silly stickers remind me to continually work making someone happy.

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