Thursday, July 19, 2012


This store has been a landmark since I moved here.
It is at the end of 41st Avenue and usually the fan would be turning...
summer, winter, spring or fall.
Well, today I drove by and the entire building was gone.
The fire trucks surrounded the area this weekend as two other buildings were used
in a training and demolished. So get ready for something new and beautiful on our end of town.

The same goes for replacing bad thoughts with good ones.
Or bad habits with good go from black and white to color.
It's really all about change which is something we can always count on.

What changes have you made recently?
Are you setting goals?
Do you have the strength to persevere?
I think you can!


dyannne said...

My first reaction was to the picture. I hoped you weren't going to say you felt nostalgia for the old business that is no more and you didn't! yay! You went in the other direction. It is way past time for something new in that area and hopefully as you said it will be beautiful.

Yes, I've made a change recently, a big change, and so far the results of the change have been simply amazing. They keep me inspired to continue on down this new path.

The change started out with a six week trial, with of course high hopes that the promises would pan out in my benefit. I didn't know they would, but it seemed reasonable to expect they would. And they have! And the good results started coming in much faster than expected. What a boon.

Take a chance on change when something isn't working! If that doesn't work, you can always change again. :-)

Emalou King said...

Thank you for posting.Good for you. Am glad for you that a change happened that sounds positive. Blessings+ Emalou