Friday, July 27, 2012

JANE-the movie:

When I think about setting boundaries and sexual abuse, I guess  a
"No Trespassing" sign in front of your body would give a clear message
while a "sicko" would probably take it as a challenge or an invitation.

 I have just finished reading the screenplay for the upcoming hopeful-
JANE-the movie
Take the opportunity to check out the website and join us in
the fight against sexual abuse as well as the promotion of this film.

In the last weeks I have been asked what I do all day. Gee, I hate that question
in retirement because whatever I do is important at least to me. I would say I am forever
vigilant in the fight against abuse and the promotion of my book to help others.

It is going well...the royalties have been donated to the Survivors Healing Center.
They also have a page on facebook and on my sight you can link to them and other services.

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