Saturday, August 11, 2012

An Invitation to St.Josephs:


I love the picture on my first Communion Certificate.
This is a public invitation for you to join us for Mass at St. Joseph's in Capitola.
We now have Mass every day of the week at 5 PM
 and a new priest, Fr. Wayne Dawson.
He has only been here a couple of weeks and
there were as many as 80 people at a daily Mass!

If it has been awhile or  maybe you quit years ago,
you might consider coming out of curiosity
and even sit in the back row and see if it is what you have been looking for.
Maybe you have considered becoming a Catholic
and if you haven't done anything yet,
We would love to have you.
 You are more than welcome...and bring a friend.

We also have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
 Fr. Wayne spends one hour a day there.
This is an invitation to "make a visit."

 Get a bulletin or look on line at  for any other information.

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