Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jaycee Dugard:


Jaycee Dugard was interviewed tonight on television. What an amazing survivor.
A message  for us here  is her deep love for her daughters who were conceived in rape.
The children remind Jaycee of herself and her own mom and not the perpetrator  father.
I say this because of the arguments regarding abortions for everyone molested.
Clearly children should NOT suffer because of the sins of their father.

The reunion was most touching of Jaycee with her own mother
who NEVER lost hope in finding Jaycee.
Huge thanks to the two female college campus police  who were
extremely uncomfortable, had a "feeling " about him and followed up on the computer.
They gave a VOICE to the voiceless.
God bless you both.

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dyannne said...

Jaycee Dugard is indeed a most amazing woman. I've read her book and watched her interview with Diane Sawyer. Just unbelievable that she survived all that terror for so long and is so intact, in touch, and seemingly grudgeless and forward looking! She is a role model for all of us.