Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Location Location:

I took this picture in an antique shop because I sat in this chair somewhere before.
But, where?
Now, I have a pretty good memory of things like that but I'm stuck here.
I sat down, closed my eyes. Nothing happened. I tried so hard to remember my experience.

When  I put this pix out on Facebook, I heard three times that it was a barbershop type chair.
I had been in a barber shop only once when my dad took me to his barber, Eeeky.
I looked like the dutch boy on the side of the paint can.
And I do not remember having to wait in a chair. I was first in line.

What pops up for me is the movie theater box seats.
Another place is the waiting room at the dentist office.
Anyway, if someone from my hometown remembers where they might have seen them...
Please tell me and ease this stretched mind.
Thank you.

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