Monday, August 13, 2012

Speak Up:


Today I was leaving the parking lot at the grocery store  when a woman
threw her lit cigarette butt out the window of her van.
She pulled into a parking space and I parked behind her and waved her over to my car.

First, I smiled, identified myself as the daughter of a fire chief and said,
  "Please do NOT throw your lit cigarette butts out the car window.
You know how bad those fires are and how fast they spread."
She immediately apologized and said, "Oh, you are
so right. I'm sorry. I'll go pick it up!"
  But, she didn't even know where she had tossed it and looked in the wrong place
until I pointed at the intersection. Then she ran out and got it.

Give VOICE for the prevention of  senseless acts.
Won't you please help? Look around. Step up and take a stand
for a cause that will benefit all of us.

Thank You.

1 comment:

dyannne said...

Good for you, Emalou! That always incenses me too and my father was not a fire chief. But, I will remember that line if I ever see that and use it anyway! :-) Thanks for the tip. I think that probably softened the criticism somewhat (people hate to be called on their wrongs) and she could accept it willingly.