Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Big "C" Word:

     It used to be that no one would say the word cancer. It was always
referred to as the big "C" word. Then after a several years it got it's voice.
That's what I am waiting for...I have not given up on the voice for the big fight against sexual molestation and incest. Some day it will be intolerable like cancer. We will all fight the fight together.  So, put your boxing gloves on and join in this campaign.

    Talk about it at home with your children. Teach them manners, tell them how to dress, what good foods to eat, how to do well in school and how important their bodies are...and there are parts that are never to be touched by anyone else including mommy and daddy!

     And all survivors will thank you for being a good parent.
     And all survivors will thank you for sparing another child.
                     We can do this!

      Thank you...from the mother of a survivor.

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