Thursday, December 13, 2012

Declutter and Renewal:

By now most have lit the second purple candle and are saying a prayer before meals with the family. The time is moving right along in anticipation of our Savior's birthday.
I have been having a "waiting" period at my house. It reminds me that waiting can sometimes
be difficult. What to do in that time that we have been given.
Waiting, like the gospel says...
in great anticipation and joy.

 I am getting a new kitchen and utility room.
There was the demolition of a wall, and with the removal of the appliances.
The double oven was given to a friend, sold the washer and dryer (traded for work) and recycled the sink.
Next the painters came and did bone on the  walls and swiss coffee on the ceiling.

The flooring installers completed doing the floors and have a few more quarter rounds to put in my office. The cabinets, made locally in my neighborhood, will be installed on Monday.
 The appliances (dishwasher, vented microwave and range) will be installed after that and then the countertops will be measured and completed in a beautiful quartz.
 My new couch by the end of the year.
Yes...I splurged and have treated myself to a new do-over...
I continue to declutter and renew which has been my theme throughtout the year 2012.

And I am excited for the arrival of our Blessed Lord and wait in anticipation, still...


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