Friday, December 7, 2012

Delcutter and Renewal:

     This  is my first blog from my laptop. Really I have had this longer than usual learning curve and have gone back to the store twice to get help with this. My fingertips are also getting used to the feel of the keys. I am getting attached to this thing and hope to blog more frequently.
    I started out the year with declutter and renewal and here I am at it again.
Seems like I am always finding and//or disposing of something. I love the donation and consignment shops...a great place to take things.
     December 8 is a Holy Day of Obligation and Mass is at 9am here in Capitola at St. Joseph's Catholic Community.
     My remodel job is right on schedule. I am in the process of waiting right now for the cupboards to be completed at the woodworkers. This is exciting and I hope to be completed by January 1. So far, everyone is cooperating.
     God bless you and prayers for everyone who has no one to pray for them.

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