Saturday, January 12, 2013

declutter and renewal: 2013

I have been sorting out things since I have remodeled.
Who needs 4 angel food cake pans? I only ever made one in grade
school and it nearly ruined my mother's oven. I laugh when I think about it.
Maybe I have them for a good laugh or because I miss my mother!
I spilled a box of 800 toothpicks on the counter. They landed like they do in  Pick up sticks.  Remember that fun game?
I have music playing in the background from "Pandora One" 
(Thank you Ed, Carrie, Harry, Jack and Dexter) and I love it.
The only problem is that each song reminds me of something or somebody or somewhere in that time of our life.
Well, back to my new pantry and organizing.
God bless you my friends.

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