Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lent 2013:

2007 Pope Benedict xvi

I love television. But, I am NOT watching TV  during Lent.

I am tuned to  Immaculate Heart Radio...the best in Catholic radio.

You can Google ihradio and find out where you can listen to it in your area.

It's filled with good ideas and enriching wisdom and nourishment.

I am also praying more and reading spiritual books.

Hope you have a  chance to get closer to God during this season.

 What have you been doing?

I am praying specifically for the falsely imprisoned and their family members.

If you have a little self denial you will get a  boost and no longer
feel so sluggish.  Remember we did this when we were children. We "gave up" something. It's only for 40 days. You can do it.

Sacrifice is the real test of love.

You will be renewed and it will be good for the whole church. 

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