Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stop the Violence:


What a great turn out  in  Santa Cruz for the one billion rising.
The music, the dancing and high energy for safety.

So what did you do on St. Valentine's Day?
I got a telephone call from an old college sweetheart!
That was fun.

I was helped by a neighbor man in my kitchen today...
wonderful guy who will be missed when he moves away soon.

When you see the man standing at the corner with a sign
asking for work or money...if you are not going to give him
any money, glance at him and recognize him. 
If you smiled, you made him feel like a person. Feeling invisible is painful.

1 comment:

dyannne said...

Glad the turnout was so good!

I can't afford to give the people at streetlights and such any money, so I bought a box of nutrition bars and keep them in my car to hand out when I see one of them.