Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Bigger Picture:

The King was in the Counting House 
Counting all his money...

This is NOT the puzzle I was working on...
Which was my very favorite as a little kid.

I decided to put a puzzle together
called Midnight Snack. It was a man  and a dog looking into the refrigerator.
I guess I thought one of the pieces would be the orange juice instead of having 30 little pieces....
The whole day flew by as I concentrated and stood in my kitchen for eight hours
mesmerized,  hooked on getting it going. It was so difficult because the pieces actually fit great in so many spots. only they
were in the wrong place and it didn't make sense. What did I know?

 I learned another Lenten God lesson...

Unless I have the BIG picture (and only God does) 
 I tried hard to make it go MY own way. 
I thought something fit but as I continued 
working the picture didn't make sense.
 I dedicated another 4 hours to straining my neck,
 opened up the box, scooped the remaining 300 pieces
 back into the box, folded up the poster and made better use of my time! 

What some people will  do so they don't have to start working on their taxes!

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