Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dogs on a Leash:

     I left a meeting this morning in Capitola and drove down a different street than usual. A woman ran along side the curb in the street. She was very pretty and wore a cream colored cable knit sweater with long pants because it was still chilly. When I glanced in my rear view mirror I spotted a large white dog that looked like a pit bull, and another large dog and a smaller one...all of them off leash run into the street from a house. The bulldog went straight for her butt and grabbed at her with his face. She stopped dead in her tracks and he lunged again. She spun around with her hands in the air.
     I slammed my car in reverse until I could get to her and yelled,"get into my car!" She jumped into the back seat and was visibly terrified. She reached for me with a trembling hand. She said, "thank you," several times and was nearly in tears.
     A middle-aged woman, barefoot in pajama bottoms and a sweater came out of the house screaming at the dogs who paid no attention to her. She yelled that she was sooo sorry... unaware of the trauma inflicted on this woman.We watched her collect them as they scuffled with difficulty. 
     When my passenger calmed down she stepped out of the car.The owner and the victim were talking when I left. This could have been avoided as could many incidences if only rules were obeyed. They were made for a reason. And You are not privileged!
                 PLEASE OBEY RULES!

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