Sunday, May 12, 2013

Never Give Up:

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We can't read the paper or turn on the television,
 open a computer, iphone and other means of
communication without seeing or hearing something about

Another miracle yesterday with the return of 3 girls...
another case of rape.

Please help be an advocate.
 Give support to
mothers who are suffering because their children are being abused.
First that means talking about it. It doesn't go away because you don't say anything.
 You may have a friend who is suffering right now for her child and you don't know it. You may have a friend who was abused as a child and wonders why life is so difficult in her older years.
 By sharing your own experience, strength and hope you open up the opportunity for dialog.

We are so fortunate to have the Survivor's Healing Center in our community.
They also receive calls from all over the country during office hours.

These organizations are also on Facebook:

MASA   Mother's Against Sexual Abuse

MOSAC   Mother's of Sexually Abused Children

RAINN    Rape Abuse Incest National Network

SHC     Survivor's Healing Center

Look for the documentary to be shown on Public Television on June 26th PBS:

Boyhood Shadows

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