Monday, June 3, 2013

Everything is Not About Sex:

I was about to walk into a grocery store yesterday and first grabbed a small carrying basket. It was stuck to another one. I couldn't pull them apart so I picked  another. It was stuck again. On my third choice an old man from my neighborhood (who has never spoken to me in 13 years) grabs the first one I  tried, and pulls and pulls to no avail and says, "it must be mating season!"   I'm glad he hasn't spoken to me before. And it's okay if he doesn't ever again. Some people "sexualize" everything. That's not a good sign. I know.

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dyannne said...

How inappropriate. I've had shopping carts and baskets stick together innumerable times and "that" thought has never come to mind! I hope I can unremember this the next time it happens!