Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Final Send-off:


As we get older seems to be fewer and fewer wedding and baby showers.
But, I attended two funerals this week.
We are supposed to "bury the dead"
We dress in black, give sympathy cards with memorials and bring food.
No one seems to be comfortable until they have  embraced the grieving family
And there is something peaceful and even humorous during the celebration of their life...
 Stories shared by those who loved them dearly.

I also think about all the other people who have died and the list is very long.
Sometimes I ask the question, "why?" because it doesn't make sense.
Life is a mystery...death is a mystery.

I have made new friend  and I have lost old ones.
I have listened to beautiful music
had my heart swell with compassion for the families.
Today I dropped into a deep sleep after arriving home
I drink  plenty of water.
 It is easy to become dehydrated.
Grief can be exhausing.

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