Saturday, August 10, 2013

St. Joseph Box:


On Sunday two people will come to my house and remove the beautiful
Statue of the Pilgrim St. Joseph.
He has spent the week here and people in my park community have
stopped by to pray with me. It has been so nice.
In order to complement  the process I made a St. Joseph Box-
like my Mary Box. Prayers are placed in the box. When we say a word it becomes alive and the same happens in prayer when we actually write the words
down, fold the paper and slip it into the box.
The prayer box is sealed when it is full (which it nearly is...) and the box will be burned. So many intentions have been prayed as well as the Rosary and
We have prayed for our parish ~ St. Joseph's Catholic community
of Capitola, California.

I am sure the next family on the list will also enjoy this experience.

Prayer has gotten me through every difficulty I have had in my life.

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