Sunday, September 6, 2015

Motherhood and Loss:

Mothers bear a deep sorrow when something happens to one of their children. I am fascinated by so many different ways that God works in our lives. If you are not a Christian then what I say won't matter to you. I am so blessed first to be a Catholic and second to live in the United States of America and have a church family.

Celeste always wore this necklace and you will see it around her neck in pictures and in the videos she posted. On the day she was killed in a single vehicle accident on the way home from school, on Friday  afternoon...she wasn't wearing it. So, where was it?? The hunt began as stories of love emerged about Celeste. It was finally found and given to her mother. 
The family and friend's grief remains palpable as the flowers wilt on the many beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers. 

The 20 minute rule has always been most helpful to someone who has lost many loved ones. Beyond that period of time you take your energy to normalize your day and again, if you must repeat your 20 minutes , it's okay. Just do not become so consumed you are unable to function. This is also meant for dads and brothers and uncles and grandparents too. 

When I look at mamas hand here. I know that Celeste is now being held in the hand of God! She remains in our prayers. She will be remembered in daily Masses and in her memory a young man will become a seminarian. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace, amen. I wish sweet Celeste knew how much she was loved. 💔

Help let the children know they are precious and loved.

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Unknown said...

You are beautiful. Thank you. Prayers and love to you always