Thursday, September 22, 2011

Memories: Writing Prompts

There are many memories that stay with  us. I enjoyed the Sing a song of Sixpence song and I put the puzzle together in my bedroom on my little green card table. I liked the part about the king counting all his money and the queen in the parlor eating bread and honey!
 I also had tea parties and wrote fan mail to movie stars but everyone doesn't have fun being a kid. No child should have to suffer. It's not easy being a kid.

Every moment of  life is not bad...Remember something you enjoyed.
Was there a sled ride,  a chemistry experiment  or a wagon adventure?
Think about your favorite books, songs, and fun times.
It may be close to that time of the  year when we "fall" back with our clocks
But there is never a time to fall back into a hell. You've come a long way.


Anonymous said...

For a time in my childhood, I lived on the side of a hill overlooking the Santa Clara Valley when it was mostly orchards that blossomed into pink, white and rose colors each spring. There was a necklace of lights in the distance which was the main drag in San Jose. The view was spectacular, even for a seven year old! I spent many hours up in the backyard tree, finding comfortable perches to read by the hour and gaze out over my domain all the way to the eastern foothills and Mt Hamilton!

Emalou King said...

Thank you for the beautiful descriptions.