Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunday: Is It A Day of Rest?


                           Writing prompts to pen...
What do you do on Sunday? Do you have special Sunday clothes?
Where do you go?  Church?  Concerts? picnics? Grandma's house?
How do you rest?  sleep in?  Take naps?
Are you alone? with friends? with family?
Do you prepare for the coming week?  How?
Do you eat special foods?  Chicken? Roast Beef?
Eat at home? Eat out?  Catch up?
Is there a favorite place to hang out?
Ever make a gratitude list? Share it.
What's your family tradition?

      Leave a story about Sunday in your a notebook for the next generation!

                                                                       St. Joseph's, Capitola, Ca. Holy Cross, Santa Cruz, Ca. Adoration Chapel, St. Joseph's. E.King

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Emalou King said...

I waited up on purpose to post this for Sunday and the clock on this site and on my computer were seconds apart showing this still as Saturday...darn it!! Okay...well, guess I'll let it go. Gosh, sometimes we just try to hard. Thought I would let you all know.