Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pet Blessings: St. Francis of Assisi, pray for Us

    Hi, my name is Herbie and this morning, after I have my breakfast in a bowl  and get combed, I am going over to St. Joseph's Church @ 11am for a blessing by Fr. Matt in honor of the feast of St. Francis.
    I have been called an "angel" dog but I know I'm not really an angel. Look at my face! I like to bury my bones in the back yard in the dirt. I prefer to do this though right after I have an expensive grooming appointment. It feels soooo good to get a little dirty! I'm a Shih Tzu but I have poodle feet in the rainy season. Oh, least she doesn't paint my nails.
    I am protecting my favorite toy, "The bug." Now I have several colors but prefer the purple one because it sounds perfect. The others are a little off key for me. I like tones and pitch probably because I'm blind. And I'm really soft and I get to be blessed.  :0)

       So what's the take away?  Our pets love matter what... And God does too!
     The world would be a much better place and our families a better unit if each Mother blessed her child every day. It only takes seconds to do this important gesture.
Put your hand on his/her cheek or head or shoulder and pray out loud for God's protection and blessings for this day.  AMEN.  It will make a difference.

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***Shirley said...

What a wonderful event!!! It was a special day when dogs decided to live with us...let us raise their young in trade for their unconditional love. lucky human!!!