Friday, September 30, 2011

Mothers: Let's Get Together

     First, I want to thank my friends for inviting me to dinner.
It was so nice being in your company last evening  and everything was homemade from scratch and absolutely delicious! Plus I was gifted with a take home loaf of fancy fresh bread,  ummmmm.   Yes, I sliced into it later.

     I forgot to mention that I was having a heart celebration because I gave birth 40 years ago yesterday for the second time.

     It is huge being a mother.  Life changes with children. A mom never sleeps or eats quite the same. She will experience her greatest sadness and her greatest joy through her child.

     Shouldn't every day be "Mother's Day?"  And if you want to be closer to you should talk to her...with her...just let kind words come out. "Don't say anything you'll have to make amends for!" (My daughter's best quote!)

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