Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Emergency Alert System:


November 9, 2011... the Emergency Alert System.

You will hear that sound for a full 60 seconds on the West Coast at 11 am.
Then your station will return to it's regular programming.
Now think about this...

Every night there have been Emergency Alert System Molestation Stories about Herman Cain, Jerry Sandusky and it's ironic the Prime Minister of Italy is stepping down.
Can you even imagine the noise if every child set off an alarm when molested?
It would be every hour and every minute of the day and night.


Sometimes I think all adults should have to wear name tags. Not the kids!
Adults need to be accountable. Remember the ad long ago where it was suggested that you sign your work.

If you have been molested tell someone. Even if it has been years ago. Talk about it with someone.
Tell your mother if she is not the offender...moms broke the story at Penn State.

Please Help Break The Silence!

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